Sunday, 29 May 2011

Badab War: Enter the Minotaurs

"The beast, the bronze beast in the darkness, footsteps, it never tired, it just kept coming! We didn't stand a chance...wherever we turned, we could not escape, never escape!"

The Badab War takes a turn as I leave the Secessionist forces and enter with the Minotaurs. I really like the colour scheme and background for this chapter which is the main driving force for leaving behind my Tyrant's Legion, an added bonus is that it is a standard Space Marine List so I won't have the usual worries of justifying a Forge World list among the gaming group. I have amassed a few models already including the Forge World Ironclad Dreadnought and an Achilles Land Raider (for display only), and I have figured out a satisfactory (and quick) method of painting my bronze power armour. 

The Minotaurs are described as having full stocks of both Terminator Armour and MKVIII Errant armour, they also have excellent stocks of Predators and Vindicators. I am looking at creating a Siege Vanguard style list, so tanks and dreadnoughts supporting a strong core of Tactical Marines will be the aim of the day. I do have a wonderfully converted Vanguard I am still working on, but the points of this unit is extreme (and not optimum) but they look really nice...who knows I may get them in the list somehow!

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The 14th legion


  1. Hello! I am thinking of making a new army (currently a Salamanders player) and I was contemplating a Minotaurs army. Would you be able to share how you are paint your bronze armour?

    1. Hi Jotunn,

      Colours come from the Vallejo Model Colour range with some GW washes and the scheme is as follows:

      VMC bronze
      Wash/Shade Gw Agrax Earth shade
      Repaint large areas - VMC Bronze
      highlight - VMC Old Gold
      Highlight edges - chainmail (any brand)