Monday, 25 April 2011

Salute 2011 #2

I took the chance this year to explore more figures ranges and while I was tempted to dabble in some historical figures (I really had my eye on Napoleonic s), my wallet was constantly opened for the many Sci-fi and fantasy products on offer (and normally overshadowed) at this years.

First on my list was Taban Miniatures a French company who produce the wonderful post apocalyptic Eden skirmish game, there were some very unusual and unique cyber punk styled gangs such as the Bakama and Jokers. But what really pulled grabbed my attention were the ISC who are basically wandering Samurai robots, almost immediately images of Samurai Jack popped into my head. I already had a Grey Daimyo and so I eagerly took the chance to bulk out my collection.

To make matter worse however (for my wallet) Smart Max miniatures were right next door to Taban, these guys are responsible for the Victorian steam punk Fantasy that is Smog and Mauser Earth. They specialise in highly intricate 54mm resin figures that ooze character and detail and are part of a game system, but unfortunately the rule set had not been translated for Salute. I really wanted to jump in and buy a whole load, but common sense (and the missus) prevailed so I ended up buying one of their pre-releases: Lady Usher.

Finally, not a purchase but a rare sighting, the Heresy mega dragon does actually exist! And what a massive bulk of resin it is. I can see now why it has taken so long, the details are immense and those who have put advance orders in for this beast will not be disappointed.

I also paid a visit to the Freebooter stand (Werner Klocke) and picked up a few pieces, but sadly I forgot to take pictures of the crew who were fully decked out in Pirate regalia. Really friendly bunch, with some awesome figures, admittedly I am a little biased as I am a fan of Werner Klocke's sculpts and the free chocolate gold coins kept drawing me back again and again. I ended up buying some of his fairy sculpts and a succubus to add to my miscellaneous collection. Last but not least, I discovered the joy of JoeK Miniatures, I picked up their Limited Edition Elf Lord which is a stunning piece and a couple of resin display bases to play around with.

In a way it was a good thing that the 'major' brands had nothing to offer as it allowed me to indulge in figures I would not normally look at. It is always nice to go to event and grab something fresh, whether it is a game or miniature set, sometimes the best buys are the ones that are not required for your army list.

In my 3rd and final instalment of my Salute Report, I will unveil the my favourite purchase of the event and also share with readers details of what and where I got with Salute 2011's Painting Competition.

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The 14th Legion

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