Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Privateer Press: Thoughts on Khador Kommander Harkevich

So Khador's 'Wrath' caster is finally revealed and the first thing that comes to mind is the 30mm base. At first glances the new caster does not look like much, it seems like someone took the Butcher of Khardov and stuck Baldur's head on it with a cap and scraps of Iron Fang armour, the weapon also looks unusually Menite in design for some reason. From the stock photo, the figure looks uninspired, flat and a little rushed, now of course this could be an issue with the photography (Jazz hands Gators?) and I will reserve final judgement for when I actually have the figure in my hand.

Aesthetics aside, Harkevich is described as a movement and firepower caster which is interesting. What initially comes to mind from this description is a passive movement bonus similar to Butcher's 'Conferred Rage', however the idea of +2 movement as passive seems a little broken, but perhaps as a up keep spell it is viable. Another alternative would be a high cost spell cast for one turn of movement godliness in the form of a free run and ability to make ranged attacks (a play on Karchev's spell set), possibly at the cost of 3 focus but with no boosted hit rolls.

The problem with Harkevich's description right now is he is set up as a ranged jack caster, but being a Khador caster will likely mean massive focus drains for all this utility. There is no mention of personal prowess, which indicates to me a far more fragile caster similar in ability to Irusk or Zerkova (also falls in line with utility caster balancing). So while he has the ability to get close to the enemy, you won't necessarily want HIM close to the enemy. Right now the image I get is  Irusk crossed with pVlad but with out the close combat ability, time will tell as more details are revealed and either way I will be adding this figure to the collection and will try to run him at least once. All we need now is to see 'Black Ivan' and who exactly he belongs to...

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