Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Privateer Press: Black Ivan

Black Ivan, Harkevich's personal warjack is here and as I expected it's a Destroyer! It looks like another character jack pack in the same vein as Torch, which I don't mind as I liked the Torch kit. I am intrigued about the industrial claw with my bet on slightly higher power compared to the Kodiak with some form of sustained attack option, or perhaps a damage bonus to represent 'crushing', It also would seem logical that like Torch, this character jack can be bonded to Harkevich.

The fact that Iron wolf's personal jack is a Destroyer reinforces my belief in some form of rolling barrage spell list of run and fire - for my thoughts on this CLICK. The concept of Destroyers being able to fire after running - a massive 22" threat range is quite frankly awesome, again this is pure speculation based on the description and visuals...but the dots do seem to add up to this conclusion.

While I was unimpressed with the Harkevich model, I am actually quite keen to get Black Ivan. I like the colours and the head design and armour plates are unique enough to make this a interesting jack on the table.

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