Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Monsterpocalypse: New arrivals

Nice big box at my door this morning filled with Rise series 1 Monsterpocalypse goodies (Rise starter and booster) now being a collectible miniature game, the figures inside will be random so I am interested to see what beasties I have drawn this time round. The last time I had bought anything collectible was 'Vampire the Masquerade' and the older 'Legend of the 5 Rings' card games, and I and I had never been interested in Hero clix or anything like that.

So the Rise starter set gave me 8 figures (including two buildings) and includes a monster and corresponding hyper form, luckily for me it's one I don't have. This morning has yielded Terra Khan and Hyper Terra Khan which look a little like Godzilla, so is great! To accompany my Terra Khan, I got a very cute looking Carnidon which signals the beginning of my Terrasaurs collection. I also got a selection of random units for other factions: 1 x G-Tank, Spitter and vanguard.

I can say nothing more than "Its a sign!". The Rise booster has added to my Lords of Cthul collection by giving me Yasheth and Ultra Yasheth, the partner in crime of Cthugrosh. Now I am still working out how the collecting works for these figures. Underneath each figure is a number and it seems to be out of 69 potential collectible, however I don't know if that is universal to the whole set or whether the other releases such as "Big in Japan" have separate collection lists to this. If any veteran Monsterpocalypse players can answer that question I would appreciate it.

So quite a collection is building up, the monsters seem intent on taking over my painting table so I need to start thinking about storage/display options, but that's another post for another time. With Salute this weekend and nothing major I am after in the unpainted miniatures department, I may allocate some finances to my monsterpocalypse collection (curse of the collector striking already!) and possibly host a game at mine after the event. Long term, I intend to grab as much as I can afford each month and paint up the regular versions of the monsters like I did last week. These figures are a lot of fun to handle and paint despite being pre-paints (never thought I would say that!) and it seems I can't put them down at the moment.

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