Saturday, 9 April 2011

And now time for something completely different...

I have been doing a lot of 'serious' painting recently, stuff that requires lots of time and a lot of attention. It is nice to break the cycle by painting something completely random, for me that random factor is Monsterpocalypse figures. My partner got me the starter box set last Christmas as a light hearted game to play when we have spare evenings, it does not hurt that I am also a big Godzilla/monster movie fan. The critter below is Cthugrosh and you've guessed it, it's from a Cthulu-esque faction (did the tentacles give it away?).

I have not bother with any meticulous cleaning and have moved straight to the painting phase. What I did not expect was the sudden crazy urge to collect all the monsters in true "Gotta Catch them all" Pokemon fashion, but being a collectible miniature game it's kind of expected. So readers beware, mini-monster invasions will be cropping up from time to time with perhaps the odd game report (although apparently I am banned from doing Godzilla roars during games). 

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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