Thursday, 10 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion 1st Cohort & Retaliators

Hordes of bits arrived these last two days, which meant I could build up the bulk of my Astral Claws contingent. I have used a mix of MK III, IV, V and VII to give a varied look to the squads. The bases are Urban bases from ebay and provide a creative but quick way of basing my whole army. Usually I create my own bases but this time round I want to get these units done relatively quickly.

I am very happy with the bits selection for my Retaliators, they have turned out as brutal as I envisioned (based on art from IA 9), I can happily picture them charging the breach shields raised, taking incoming fire. The MK III and V combo's look particularly brutal, it must be that the armour itself is larger in comparison to more modern designs and the shoulder pads chosen add to the bulkiness.

I am still sourcing parts to finish this Retaliator squad (Lascutter and a few more members) but I definitely want to add another squad down the line.

Both squads are now ready for painting (not including the first five members of Cohort 1) and it should not take me too long to get these two sets done (I am confident that it will still be end of this week), which for me will be a minor achievement considering the last time I fully painted Space Marines. I have started planning what to add next to the growing force, I do want to add some Auxilia to the ranks as extra cannon fodder (and also a break from power armour) or perhaps some tanks such as Rhinos or Chimeras. Hoping to come to a decision end of the week on that one.

Hmm...with Salute round the corner, perhaps I should grab two Caestus Assault Rams...

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The 14th Legion

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