Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion 1st Cohort

The Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion continues. I have started working on the initial five members of my first Cohort. No special or heavy weapons as of yet, but I will probably aim to use my surplus of Pre-Heresy weapons when I do.

The colours are very simple, starting with a chain mail base over white primer, two thin coats gives a fairly smooth finish. Once dry I then apply a medium to heavy wash of Devlan mud, tow more Devlan mud and one of Badab black are applied to finish shadowing.

Finally, once dry Chainmail and Mithril silver highlights are applied to the upper most portions of the armour to represent where light would fall. Once this step is complete, one final wash of Badab black wash is applied to finish the armour.

Most of my bits have now been shipped so my plan of having a couple of squads built by end of week should happen.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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