Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Manhunter #2

Progress update of my Man-Hunter paint job, I should of made a a start on him last night but the incredibly poor weather (constant rain) made it impossible to spray undercoat. Luckily, today was  better and I was able to make a start.Last night I had worked on the base and did some repositioning of components. The hang man's noose was at a unnatural angle originally so I applied some heat via hair dryer and repositioned it, I did the same with the sword scabbard which was bending outwards.

Today's progress has been pretty good as I reach the final stages of painting the skin. I have around 3-4 more highlights to go, before I wash the entire things and enhance the shadows via wash - to pick out veins etc. I am happy with the chosen colour as he looks like  Freddy Krueger on steroids now. A little annoyance is that the hang man's noose has broken after all the effort of repositioning last night, in hind sight I should have mounted the figure on a turn table or cork for handling as it was a clumsy finger that did the damage. Luckily I have a very fine drill bit and wire so repairs look viable.

The skin at this point has been highlighted up to white and given two light washes of Ogryn Flesh to blend the colours together and generate a earthier look to the figure. 

Veins are a focal point on this figure, they are everywhere, even running up to his face. I wanted to make sure these bits of detail were noticeable. To make sure they 'pop' I washed the veins with a slightly thinned Asurman Blue wash. Because I had highlighted the skin to white, the wash did a great job of adding the tint I wanted. I am tempted to give him glowing blue eyes at this point, to give a de-humanised look to him, fitting for a hunter of men.

Skin Palette:
  • Tanned flesh
  • Ultramarine blue
  • chaos black
  • Palid Flesh
  • Skull white
  • Ogryn flesh wash
  • Blue Flesh wash
Depending on how much time I get this evening, I may make a start on some of the clothing, but I will see. I have already started construction on 'Saviour" so this figure will most likely be the follow up to the Wet Nurse. This is also the first project where I have used my Privateer Press (P3) paintbrushes, and wow am I happy with them! These are probably the finest brushes I have used in a very long time, both the Hobby and Studio range have amazing long bristles and fine points which give me excellent control of the paint. I strongly recommend upgrading to these brushes, they truly offer quality at a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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