Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wip: Deathwing Army

I appreciate it has been a very non-GW 2011 so far, however I have had a project on slow burn in the form of my Deathwing army. My last update showed one built squad and a partially finished Belial conversion I was working on. While Belial is not yet finished (still more sculpting to do on the robes) I can say that at least some more troops have been built.

Although another squad is still needed (Belial's entourage) the bulk of the army is in possession and various stages of build. They are all the same configuration, so they will to some degree all look similar and to break up the uniformed look I have added small Dark Angel's devices to various terminators. Something I still need to consider, it what to fill the army with once I have finished building this lot. I did have two devastator squads in-mind but this detaches from the Deathwing theme a great deal, so considered three standard dreadnoughts. While it would be great to paint up the dreadnoughts, from a game perspective they are lacking when compared to the Devastator choices...decisions, decisions 

I am very pleased with the way Belial's cloak is turning out and am looking forward to adding the same style of robes to his bodyguard. That should look suitably heroic and really break the uniformed theme of the three standard squads.

The Thunder Hammer terminator to the left (pointing towards someone) is probably my favourite pose of the lot so far. He still has a few other devices I intend to add before priming, such as some hair. I have a very particular paint device in-mind for him, so look forward to getting that done.

Having the Forge World shoulder pads is a god send. It is a real shame that Forge World did not sculpt full upper torso's like they did for the Space Wolves and Chaos Cult terminators. Having some Deathwing with sculpted feathers or perhaps a bare head with a feather earring would have been great. But this would open too many questions of the Dark Angel's identity; Are they Space monks or Native Indians? I did in the end decide to include Kimmeria imagery in the form of feathers and I will be adding ceremonial blades to some of the members who represent native Kimmerians also. I think a few with this icons will go a lot further than detailing all the members in the same way. 

I think these small changes will be just enough to stop my Deathwing army looking just like standard terminators in bone, a sad prospect considering that the Deathwing have one of the greatest early fiction in my opinion. I also managed to get my hands on some cheap Cyclone Missile Launchers and just in the quantities I desired (3 sets), so all that is left to do now is buy Belial's retinue and build everything...then onwards to painting!

Time to re-read Deathwing as I wind down for sleep. 

Thanks for reading,
The 14th legion

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