Saturday, 5 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion Retaliator Test model

Here is the completed (minus insignias) colours for my Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion army. I have used metallic's this time round as I know the NMM route will lead to me not completing an army at all. I am happy with the way this has turned out, and am looking forward to completing a full squad. I opted to work on a Retaliator squad as I like the background and look of boarding assault, Space Marines with combat shields and also the art in IA 9 look brutal. 

The metals have been shaded with Vallejo and some GW washes and I was keen to give glowing eyes to the helmet to. The insignia of Huron's Legion (on the shield) is free hand, and I may do the same on the shoulder pads once the full squad is complete. I will be applying weathering to the shield and blue shoulder pad, but again that is something I will do once the full squad is done.

I have a few ideas running through my head for an army list as the chances of be able to use the Forge World lists are slim, non the less I have the image of Retaliators, Iron Hunters, Venerable Dreadnoughts and of course Lufgt Huron rampaging across the field. Bits should be arriving next week for me to complete the full squad including lots of armour variants, I think it will look awesome and am looking forward to showing the squad once complete.

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The 14th legion

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