Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's legion - Cornac Commodus

I have decided to lead my growing Tyrant's Legion with Cornac Commodus, a character who did not make it into the Imperial Armour Badab books, but subsequently got a rules release HERE. I have ordered the parts for this conversion and expect them to turn up tomorrow morning, if Forgeworld do decide to release a official figure, I can always use the conversion as a standard Centurion.

Still waiting on the first of my armour to arrive, so I used the day to look and write army lists (again). My current list is tailored towards 1500pts and I am finding it more Space Marine backed by Imperial Guard tanks, naturally I have the mandatory Auxilia unit, but besides them everything else is power armoured and in transport (must be the internet brainwashing *joke*). 

Tomorrow I hope to share the beginnings of my Cornac conversion and the finalised 1500pts list. Also next month will see some Warmahorde goodness, I am looking to start a new army for 2011 gaming and it won't be Khador!

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The 14th Legion

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