Monday, 21 March 2011

Site News: Warmachine Army for 2011

Things around here have been a little Warhammer and kingdom Death centric recently. Partly this was due to Hordes burn out last winter, but with Wrath on the way (and the beautiful War engines), it is time to start thinking about what I am going to use and more importantly what I will be painting for 2011.

I had a lot of success with the Blindwater list in both play style and painting up until January, where I messed up the paint job on my Ironback Spitter. This week I intend to get it stripped and start from scratch, however the Khador presence remains strong with the new incentive of the War engines.

I have loads of unopened blisters and boxes built for both factions stockpiled from last year and ideally I do want to trim one of those piles down, it's gators vs cossacks with reasons for both equally matched. What I can say though, is the run up to summer gaming is looking suitably Warmachordes.

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