Friday, 25 March 2011

Site News: Next week's plans

The last two weeks have been hectic as I had two projects come up back to back. I should have been at the studio today but our I decided to pull an all nighter yesterday so I could come home (back tomorrow though!). As a result, commissions and personal figure projects haven on a slow burn this week. Right now next week is looking clear and I am using the time to prepare my Blindwater and Khador armies.

The reason I am preparing both armies is that I have the intention of returning to my old gaming club The South London Warlords next week. Now that I am settled in terms of my new neighbourhood and career, it is time to start throwing (more) dice. The last few months have been limited to about one game of anything a month so to get a game a week will be great! It's going to be a great opportunity to see old friends, make new friends and maybe discover some new games.

The two armies I will be running will be: my Bloody Barnarbas list from Here, and a new(ish) Butcher of Khardov list. I am still debating as to which version of Butcher I want to run, but for definite I will be using Destroyers and Man O War (I have a strange combo in mind). I will be sharing details of the lists as early next week, as the idea of using Destroyers in Warmachine MKII may seem a little weird to readers out there. 

Rest assured I have a plan! 

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Forge world Phatom Titan & New Event figures 2011

So Forge world have released pictures and limited details of this Springs up coming releases. The primary release is the Eldar Phantom Titan, with rules appearing in Imperial Armour 11. We also know have full shots of this year's event release figures. Apparently visitors will be able to view the new Imperial Armour book in upcoming events.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blindwater Tactica: Swamp Hopping Primer

Thank you for the email Colin and let me apologise to you and everyone else looking for the lack of promised Batreps and Blindwater Tacticas, 2011 has been a very erratic month with a house move and change of career. Now that I know there is still reader interest I will get right back into the chair and start writing articles! :) 
Hey, mate, been enjoying your Blindwater blog posts, but I didn't see the battle reports or tactica you mentioned. Do you have a link to those?

I just started Blindwater myself. I'm pretty much going to run the 35-point Barnabas list you posted (save that I only have one Croak Hunter, so Pendrake will be taking the other 2 points). Can you give me some tips? I'm mainly a Cygnar player -- and there are a lot of Cygnar players going Blindwater because they're the exact opposite of what we're used to -- so this whole melee focus is new to me, but you said that you can't run the gators as a blunt melee force, so I'd appreciated any help you can give me.  

Have you run Caliban at all? I've heard that he works best in tier, but I didn't have any farrow, feralgeists or Wrong Eye and Snapjaw. 


As a general rule, Blindwater has excellent crowd controlling devices especially when using Bloody Barnabas, that cater to our universal Amphibious rule. While we are a melee centric force in terms of damage out put, we lack the necessary speed to simply rush up the table when compared to Khador. We do have excellent armour (which gets better in melee) and we have great wounds, what we don't have is high speed units. Sure we do have situational speed buffs, but nothing as consistent as a Drakhun under Strakhov's 'Iron Fist' Feat etc. And this is the biggest difference, we should really be forcing our enemy to come to us, not running towards the enemy, we need to lead the enemy into the Bayou...

Warmachine Wrath Wave #1 release & prices

As always subject to change, but here is some of the first wave releases for Wrath and pricing (US$). What is of interest to myself, is the Special Edition Wrath, I am hoping this is something like the Apotheosis book from MKI as that was a very nice book.

  • Retribution Of Scyrah – Lord Arcanist Ossyan $14.99
  • Cryx Lord Exhumator Scaverous $36.99
  • Cryx Wraith Engine $84.99
  • Khador Kommander Harkevich, Iron Wolf $15.99
  • Protectorate Thyra, Flame of Sorrow $14.99
  • Cygnar Constance Blaize, Knight Prophet $14.99
  • Cygnar Long Gunner Infantry $44.99
  • Wrath SC $34.99
  • Wrath Special Edition HC $44.99

So start saving pennies people, war and Wrath is on the the way.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Privateer Press: No Quarter 35 & Supplies

I had to  do a basic supplies order this week, when it came to my attention that the latest No Quarter magazine 35 and Valachev were out. I am intirgued to read up on valachev and whar Mercenary goodness he can bring to my Khador force, perhaps those new Ogrun Assault Corps? I already have a few mercenary units, but I am always interested in adding new things to my army.

No Quarter 35 is a big one, as it should have the rules for the War Engines and a preview of Wrath (I think). So it's a good opportunity for me to stock pile cash for the future releases. I am very keen to catch a glimpse of any new Khador Warcaster and of course warjacks.

My order has been dispatched and should arrive by end of the week, I might even paint Valachev if my current deadlines finish early.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Get No Quarter Magazine and all your wargaming supplies from: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Preacher Pin-up

So today has been spent working on Kingdom Death's Preacher pin-up which received a general release over the weekend. This model has alternate parts in the form of very delicate hands and a head with/without glasses.

Not wanting to miss out on the extras I opted to magnetise the heads so I can swap as I see fit, something that proved very troublesome considering the size of the figure.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Kingdom Death: Preacher Pin-Up, 54mm Twilight Knight & White Speaker re-release

Oh dear or dear. It seems that while I was out on a job this weekend, Kingdom Death had some releases and I missed it! Chief among the releases was a limited (40) re-run of the White Speaker which came with the new packaging and artwork, really a shame I missed that (I have the Box of Death version). They also released a 54mm version of the Twilight Knight Pin-up, KD games signature pin-up girl herself which comes with a new, gorgeous piece of artwork, luckily I did manage to get an order in for that one. Last of all we finally see the release of the Preacher pin-up figure. 

Site News: Warmachine Army for 2011

Things around here have been a little Warhammer and kingdom Death centric recently. Partly this was due to Hordes burn out last winter, but with Wrath on the way (and the beautiful War engines), it is time to start thinking about what I am going to use and more importantly what I will be painting for 2011.

I had a lot of success with the Blindwater list in both play style and painting up until January, where I messed up the paint job on my Ironback Spitter. This week I intend to get it stripped and start from scratch, however the Khador presence remains strong with the new incentive of the War engines.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's legion - Reinforcements have arrived

The mighty Medusa Siege tank has arrived! In the end I went for the Armageddon pattern Medusa as I prefer the enclosed compartment and also IA10 features a Armageddon pattern Basilisk. This gives me options game wise if I have points to spare as well, which is never a bad thing. 

I still need to check all the components for faults etc but I aim to get the bulk of this cleaned and built as this weekend is looking like a no go for model making. Painting wise, I am looking at using a airbrush of some sort on this as I want a realistic and smooth finish to the armour so I can apply weathering agents in the final stages. I still have some research to do (having never used a airbrush before) but I don't mind taking time to get it right.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's legion - Cornac Commodus

I have decided to lead my growing Tyrant's Legion with Cornac Commodus, a character who did not make it into the Imperial Armour Badab books, but subsequently got a rules release HERE. I have ordered the parts for this conversion and expect them to turn up tomorrow morning, if Forgeworld do decide to release a official figure, I can always use the conversion as a standard Centurion.

Still waiting on the first of my armour to arrive, so I used the day to look and write army lists (again). My current list is tailored towards 1500pts and I am finding it more Space Marine backed by Imperial Guard tanks, naturally I have the mandatory Auxilia unit, but besides them everything else is power armoured and in transport (must be the internet brainwashing *joke*). 

Tomorrow I hope to share the beginnings of my Cornac conversion and the finalised 1500pts list. Also next month will see some Warmahorde goodness, I am looking to start a new army for 2011 gaming and it won't be Khador!

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Monday, 14 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion - Big Guns Never Tire

Reinforcements are en-route for my growing Tyrant's Legion, definitely looking forward to this one...

The 14th legion

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion Update

I finally have my hands on both Imperial Armour 9 and 10 which was a great boost to continuing this project. Despite getting caught up in list writing this week, I have managed to get most of the Tactical cohort done, with the second half not far off (at time of writing they are actually silver and washed, not merely primed). The uniform I have opted for is pure Tyrant's legion as per the image below and so far I am happy with the results.

I will probably include the more traditional colourings ie gold trims to the more senior members of the army like characters, Honourguard or Sternguard. With this portion of the painting reaching completion I need to take a serious look at what to get next week in order to expand. Top of my list is Auxilia Armsmen to bulk up the infantry numbers and get that true mixed force Badab feel, second on my list is a Leman Russ battle tank to again bulk up the Auxilia presence and add some armoured units to the painting line and table in game. I will be getting two Caestus Assault Rams next month but that will be for my pure Astral Claws army (using Codex Space Marines). 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion 1st Cohort & Retaliators

Hordes of bits arrived these last two days, which meant I could build up the bulk of my Astral Claws contingent. I have used a mix of MK III, IV, V and VII to give a varied look to the squads. The bases are Urban bases from ebay and provide a creative but quick way of basing my whole army. Usually I create my own bases but this time round I want to get these units done relatively quickly.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion 1st Cohort

The Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion continues. I have started working on the initial five members of my first Cohort. No special or heavy weapons as of yet, but I will probably aim to use my surplus of Pre-Heresy weapons when I do.

The colours are very simple, starting with a chain mail base over white primer, two thin coats gives a fairly smooth finish. Once dry I then apply a medium to heavy wash of Devlan mud, tow more Devlan mud and one of Badab black are applied to finish shadowing.

Finally, once dry Chainmail and Mithril silver highlights are applied to the upper most portions of the armour to represent where light would fall. Once this step is complete, one final wash of Badab black wash is applied to finish the armour.

Most of my bits have now been shipped so my plan of having a couple of squads built by end of week should happen.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Badab War: Tyrant's Legion Retaliator Test model

Here is the completed (minus insignias) colours for my Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion army. I have used metallic's this time round as I know the NMM route will lead to me not completing an army at all. I am happy with the way this has turned out, and am looking forward to completing a full squad. I opted to work on a Retaliator squad as I like the background and look of boarding assault, Space Marines with combat shields and also the art in IA 9 look brutal. 

The metals have been shaded with Vallejo and some GW washes and I was keen to give glowing eyes to the helmet to. The insignia of Huron's Legion (on the shield) is free hand, and I may do the same on the shoulder pads once the full squad is complete. I will be applying weathering to the shield and blue shoulder pad, but again that is something I will do once the full squad is done.

Badab War: New 40K Project!

After many failed weeks trying to build a Death Guard and Deathwing army, I finally succeeded in making a start on a something 40K (as in I have painted figures!). Retaliators, Iron Hunters...Oh my....

I have a few figures put together but most importantly, and unlike the previous two armies, painted Space Marines! Ok so truth be told, they are test figures but I have to admit, I am very happy with them. 

looking forward to sharing soon,

Thanks for reading,
The 14th legion

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wip: Deathwing Army

I appreciate it has been a very non-GW 2011 so far, however I have had a project on slow burn in the form of my Deathwing army. My last update showed one built squad and a partially finished Belial conversion I was working on. While Belial is not yet finished (still more sculpting to do on the robes) I can say that at least some more troops have been built.

Although another squad is still needed (Belial's entourage) the bulk of the army is in possession and various stages of build. They are all the same configuration, so they will to some degree all look similar and to break up the uniformed look I have added small Dark Angel's devices to various terminators. Something I still need to consider, it what to fill the army with once I have finished building this lot. I did have two devastator squads in-mind but this detaches from the Deathwing theme a great deal, so considered three standard dreadnoughts. While it would be great to paint up the dreadnoughts, from a game perspective they are lacking when compared to the Devastator choices...decisions, decisions 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Manhunter #2

Progress update of my Man-Hunter paint job, I should of made a a start on him last night but the incredibly poor weather (constant rain) made it impossible to spray undercoat. Luckily, today was  better and I was able to make a start.Last night I had worked on the base and did some repositioning of components. The hang man's noose was at a unnatural angle originally so I applied some heat via hair dryer and repositioned it, I did the same with the sword scabbard which was bending outwards.