Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wip: White Lion & Genma

Today has been a great hobby day for me. Not only did my Anima Tactics order turn up, but I also finished the Gorm and added more content to the blog galleries (about time really). To finalise todays efforts I have two figures built, cleaned and primed; ready for me to crack on with tomorrow.

I am sticking to the Kingdom Death theme by working on the smaller but no less impressive White Lion. I actually picked this model up at salute 2010, direct from the KD Games stand, where I got a chance to speak to the members of the team (great people and next to Mike McVey too!) and it has dawned on me that it has taken almost a full year to get round to opening the box and finding the courage to work on it! Like the Gorm, I have no colour reference for this figure, so the colours I choose will be completely personal taste. I intend to use cold colour (greys, blues) for the skin, and offset that with a warmer (but still dark) set of colours for the base...time will tell if this works.

Genma from Anima Tactics is the next figure on my list to work on. I have decided that it's probably best to start working on this range before the collection grows out of control. At 12 figures still in box I think it is getting to critical mass levels. I am hoping to show a more colourful painting style in contrast to the cold and dark palettes I use with the kingdom Death figures. After looking at the stock models, this figure has freehand symbols on the robe, something I have not done in a while so the challenge is a welcomed one...and of course there is the challenge of doing female skin tones and makeup correctly without it accidentally looking like a Harlequin. 

The Ironback Spitter is currently sitting in the army box due to the lull in Warmahordes games but I will probably start working on it again mid next week to break the KD/Anima cycle. Variety is the spice if life, especially when painting!

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