Friday, 25 February 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Manhunter

I have decided to keep the KD games momentum going and putting on hold my Anima Tactics collection. I have now committed myself to painting the Manhunter as a companion to my newly finished White Lion. I really like how large this figure is and I am hoping to make the skin really stand out using washes and glazes. One of the key things I am trying to decide on, is how to deal with the browns. The trench coat almost screams to be painted a dark brown but I am afraid that it will clash too much with the hang man's frame and rope. I need a colour break to keep the figure interesting and stop it becoming a big brown mess, I also want to try and capture a 'dusty cowboy' feel, so my MIG pigments will probably come into play in the final stages of this paint job.

This will most likely be the last Kingdom Death figure I will be able to complete before "Grand Mother" arrives, then the priority shifts as I am really keen to work on their latest figure. While there have been many Angelic miniatures released in the past, what captivates me with "Grand Mother" is the elegance in design and pose that seems to be lost in a lot of Angel esque figures I have seen in the past. Couple that with a interesting spin on the lore, makes for one very interesting model.

With some luck and a lot of coffee, Manhunter will be complete by the end of the weekend.

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The 14th Legion

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