Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Gorm I

Part of this year's vows, I have taken the first step to painting up my Kingdom Death figure collection. For those who don't know; Kingdom Death games are a boutique miniature company specialising in the Fantasy /Horror genre, most notably they are the team responsible for the "Wet Nurse". So which figure have I decided to start my Kingdom Death year with? Non other than the Gorm, KD Game's first big bad monster.

The figure is a combination of elephant, human baby and Angler fish, complete with grabbing hands and a fang lined maw that makes me think Dune (movie) sand worms. This model comes with many fiddly parts and unfortunately I did break one of the fingers of the grabbing hands during construction. As with all resin figures, I spent a great deal of time searching and scraping mould lines off and gave the parts a scrub and wash in warm water to remove residual release agents.

The Gorm goes together very easily despite having many delicate parts and there is very little in the way of gaps, which keeps putty filling to a minimum. However it is only once it is fully built, that you can appreciate the full details of this figure, the wrinkles and skin folds will take well to glazes and inks, while the bulbous head and lure scream for some OSL work. I finally have an idea as to how I want this to look and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put paint to figure, I will aim for a cold palette for this piece, with some vibrant pigmentation to hopeful create a eerie look. If all goes well, I will update some early stage paint pics by the end of the week.

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