Friday, 11 February 2011

Wip: Kingdom Death's Gorm II

Some progress on the Gorm today. I managed to add shadows and highlights to the creature and even some  washes for tone. Although I did want the figure grey to maintain a cold feel, I think I need to add something in terms of more depth of colour, maybe a light wash of an off blue? 

I am very happy with the head work, I think I have used a nice set of hue to give a haunting and bruised look through a combination of purple, green and blue washes. Perhaps to offset the greys I may make the grabbing arms more purple or blue in appearance.

There isn't really much left to do on this figure, small details and perhaps a final highlight of pure white, once I have finished working the hues. For some strange reason my mind is telling me to wash the whole figure in a green/blue once I have applied final highlights...suggestions anyone?

Thanks for reading,
Send The Eighth!



  1. What colours did you you use for it? The skin seems grey, but with a bit of warmth to it, like if you mixed the grey with a beige.

    1. Thanks for the message, as I remember it, I went from Fortress Grey up, adding small amounts of bleached bone for highlights, and used codex grey for shades. Around pink/red areas, I mixed in pallid flesh, before adding washes of thin red and purple.