Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wip: Deathwing Squad #1

First squad is built and cleaned, no shoulder pads however as I am waiting on a Forge World order to arrive (tomorrow should be the day). While I really like the Space Marine Terminator models but find them very plain when compared to the 2nd edition Deathwing Terminators.

So the next very obvious question, how to make my Deathwing more Deathwing? The most iconic thing about the Deathwing is of course the white armour, but other than this we have the Kimmeria tribal feathers and ceremonial daggers.

The daggers are easy to take care of, the Space Wolves accessory set or the Sanguinary Guard sets have some very nice daggers which are usable for on the figures and make them less standardised in look and more identifiable like their fanged brethren.

But should Deathwing Terminators have feathers? As stated above the tribute is in the colour change and not all Deathwing (or Dark Angels for that matter) originate from Kimmeria, so it would surely be unwise to start throwing feathers on all of them (although the current Dark Angels range seem to be very feather laden).

Reaching a compromise has proven pretty difficult, and could be summed up as go feather or don't if you want your Deathwing to have personality. This seems to be the problem with Dark Angels generally, they have gone from black armour to green and going from feral, tribal aspirants (in terms of recruitment) to former knightly order space monks. 

What do you think? Do Deathwing need feathers to be Deathwing, or should the tribute be solely in the paint job?

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The 14th Legion

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