Monday, 21 February 2011

Wip: Belial Part 1

Two Warhammer Projects in two weeks! I am happy to share the early stages of my rendition of  Grand Master Belial. I started work on this piece last Friday after discovering a spare pair of (badly mauled and foot re sculpt) Terminator legs. To get some extra pose ability, I removed the upper thighs and replaced them with pins and plastic tubing.

I have magnetised the arms to allow different weapon configurations but for now he is equipped with a Power Axe (Thunder Hammer) and Storm shield. I will be creating options for the Sword of Silence and Lightning Claw load outs.

The cloak is still in the rough shaping phase and I will be adding more folds and detail as the week progresses. There are also smaller details such as icons and badges still to add and some basing ideas I have been playing around with, but this will depend on whether or not it starts to look to busy. ideally I would like this figure to be close to completion by end of this week so I can work on the bulk of the Deathwing army, but this will depend on the arrival of bits orders. 

The nice thing about this conversion so far, is that it has given me a lot of ideas to implement on Belial's bodyguard. I want to make sure the unit has unique identity on the table but also fit in with the rest of the force and so far I feel Belial's design keeps with that idea, furthermore it has given me a bit more confidence in sculpting full robes (especially on Terminator armour), I prefer the idea of Dark Angels having full robes over tabards as I view the tabards as more of a Black Templar identity.

A army list is ready and I will share the details as the project progresses, perhaps concluding around the Easter holidays. I apologise about the blurriness of the photos, not quite sure what has happened there, I promise that the next Belial update will have far better eye candy.

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The 14th Legion

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    1. I remember them being trimmed down Dark Angels vehicle icons