Sunday, 13 February 2011

Warmachine Galleries Updated

I am happy to say that the gallery pages are now working properly. This blog is my first using the Blogger system and I have to admit I had been finding the transition difficult, however after much self learning on the trusty Macbook and with applications like GIMP, I have finally managed to edit older images and link my photos to thumbnails in a manner I am happy with. Gallery 2 consists of older works and should link directly to photos, while Gallery one will link to relevant blog posts. I intend to use the blog post approach for future photos shoots as it is the fastest way to present new work, but it is nice to know how to link photos to thumbnails and consolidate multiple photos into one file.

A replacement bulb also arrived today for lamp number two, which means I again have enough light to take decent photos again.

Please check out the updated galleries:

Happy viewing and thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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