Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Site News: New Gorm photos!

Right, I was really  unhappy with the state of affairs of my miniature photos. SO after a really tall cup of coffee (its 2:44am here) and a crash course in how to use my digital camera and GIMP, I have re-taken the Gorm photos. I think these are a lot better than the ones I posted last week, you can definitely see the different colours I have put into the figure.

Check out new Pictures HERE

A few important things I have learnt from this re-shoot (Thanks for the guidance Mr Poots!):

  1. Always keep your Raws! (original pictures), you never know when they might be needed!
  2. GIMP is your friend! (Editing software)
  3. The iPhone is not a suitable camera replacement!
  4. Photobucket is not a suitable substitute for decent editing software!
I will be remembering these points for all of my up coming photo shoots, so more eye candy and less eye bleeding from 14th legion.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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