Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hordes: Ironback Spitter

The Ironback Spitter is the last Warbeast to be released for the Blindwater Congregation, best described as a giant cranky phlegm spitting turtle (or Gamera), this beast fits perfectly with it's fellow swamp creatures from the bayou. The figure is a large pewter multi part kit with intricately carved armour details, and comes in 6 components.

The first thing I noticed is the upper and lower torso fit like a ball and socket joint, which allow a few more posing options then anticipated, this is something not overly apparent from the stock photo released by Privateer Press. The major parts are hollow meaning a much lighter model, but one that will not fall to pieces at the slightest nudge, however while this means little need for pinning, it will require putty to fill in the inevitable gaps.

One of the things I dislike about this model however are the arms, I don't like the clenched fist sculpt and rigid pose. If I am to be honest it makes me think the poor turtle ate something rancid and has a horrible case of the number two's, something that would make anyone cranky...and probably spit acid.

I am looking forward to fielding this beastie in my upcoming games, while I have had a lot of success with the Blindwater to date, the release schedule had me missing a little bit of range and I am hoping old cranky will help even up the odds with some nasty spittle. 

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