Friday, 25 February 2011

Grand Mother is here!

Haha, sod's law really...I had just settled down to start work on the Man-Hunter when what would drop through the post box? Non other than the awesome Grand Mother figure.

The new box is a fraction the size of previous releases but does come stamped with the figure artwork, which is a nice touch. I am very much in favour of the large deck protector plastic cover, as for me it keeps the stock card art safe from being crushed and adds even more of a collectible feel to the product. I am happy to see that once again I have gotten a low number (nerd I know!).

I like this additional art piece, more art is always welcome in my mind so no complaints there! The red ribbon is a sensible addition as the components sit very snuggly in the smaller box design and would require you to squeeze your fingers if no ribbon were present. 

Almost all the figures I have worked on this year have been of a larger scale, I found myself surprised by the actual figure size especially after I compared it to the Man-Hunter and White Lion. Grand Mother is a delicate looking (and sized) figure with much the same dimensions (except for birthing chamber) as the White Speaker model. So care should be taken when dealing with this figure, as some of the components are very thin and will not take pressure well.

The wings are some of the nicest I have seen, with each wing being heavily detailed, I have lots of ideas running through my head about how to make the detail 'pop' once I start painting. 

The change of packaging looks to be a good thing, previously KD Games provided quite large boxes to accommodate the card stock, and lots of bubble wrap. I would suppose that the smaller box design is intended as a more cost efficient way of protecting the components but without sacrificing the boutique image that is associated with the company, the design is very unique in my mind. There have been many Fantasy styled angelic creatures before and I am pleased to see a figure, while very recognisable is also very unique compared to others on the market. Coupled with a dark lore Grand Mother is a excellent deviation from the standard heroic Angel image. I am very pleased with this figure and am looking forward to starting it next week, I would start it now, but I started the Man-Hunter so intend to finish him first.

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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