Friday, 25 February 2011

Gallery: The White Lion

"Huge terrifying lions with a strange human curiosity and human hands. Their white fur shines with flecks of gold when the sunlight hits them directly, a strange contrast to their bloated and sad faces. They are a dominant predator in the holy lands and have become a symbol of inspiration and beauty for the entity that resides over all. Occasionally they are trained and kept as partners by Man-Hunters."

I had a number of minor mishaps painting this figure, from little bits of crap getting into the paint to stealth mould lines I only noticed after priming. I had originally decided on a cold colour set, but the image of gold flecked fur in the sunlight (in the description) caught my imagination, so I went for a more regal and warmer colour set to reflect what I envisioned as a golden aura. As much as possible, I stuck to the description and painted the front arms in human skin colours and I also added colour to the wrinkles on the face also to bring out the sculpted features. I am happy with the outcome as I feel the finished article captures both the powerful predator and saddened human features.

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