Monday, 14 February 2011

Gallery: Black Hide Wrastler

The Blackhide Wrastler was the main reason I started a Blindwater force, I had decided back when Hordes was first released that I could not justify a second Privateer Press army an would stick to Khador. MKII and the release of the Blindwater faction changed this. I decided to bend the left arm a little so it was less "Jazz hands" and more thrashing in the water and lashing out at a foe, originally I intended to create splashes of water out of resin, but the figure would have become too delicate to use as a gaming piece. I am really happy with all the small details I have added such as the ferns, wood stump (complete with fungus) and of course the swamp water. The hide is a mix a olive green mix while the spine scales are a darker shade with repeated washes to bring out texture and detail.

I like the colours used for this warbeast and will probably use it on the rest of my Blindwater collection.

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