Saturday, 12 February 2011

Anima Tactics: New Arrivals

I am a big fan of Anime, so it was only natural that, should I stumble on miniatures based on this style that would pick some up. Throughout 2010 I had picked up various figures from systems like Infinity and Soda pop due to the art direction and sculpts. However I found myself losing interest in the aforementioned systems, while Infinity has great looking figures I was not in the mood to start yet another sci-fi game and Soda Pop miniatures seemed to lack consistency in sculpt quality as the range expanded. Luckily for me, I discovered Anima Tactics.

With amazing art and even more amazing sculpts, I found myself ordering the odd figure with my Privateer orders. Over 2010 this resulted in a collection of around a dozen figures including two special edition Celia models. This morning I received my first fully Anima Tactics order (around four miniatures), and with the lull in Privateer releases have decided to finally focus some attention on these amazing figures.

The range seems to have the expected Light and Dark factions with, and is packed with suitably shady looking characters dressed in stylish suits, holding flaming swords, angelic Daeva beings complete with wings and spell effects sculpted and of course cyber goth dressed demon girls. At this stage I am not too worried about the game and will be concentrating on getting figures fully painted, each figure is loaded with character so I expect each project to be challenging and rewarding once complete.

Sitting on my table all cleaned and primed is a figure called Genma, she looks to be some form of caster, complete with a summoned hand made out of smoke (it looks better then described). With such amazing detail and a face that actually looks feminine, I hope to do my best and improve my paint techniques as the collection grows.

I am looking forward to sharing my first forays into Anima Tactics in the future, and maybe if I am really lucky I can coerce a friend of two into playing some games. Until then, I will continue to pick up these great figures as long as the sculpt and art direction follow the game's current path, at the end of the day it is a really nice set of figures and one that differs completely to what I usually see on the paint table.

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