Thursday, 6 January 2011

This Years Plans

So here we have the almost mandatory New Years Resolutions and plans (Happy New Year to all you guys and gals by the way). A great deal of projects can be started and put on hold as a year rolls by, promises to make more tournaments are made and of course the big one: The optimistic intention to fully paint a army this year! 

Ok time to cut to the chase, what is on the 14th Legion table for 2011? Well news does not stop and wargaming fanatics will have by now seen many nice and shiny toys from multiple companies. The one that appeals to me in particular is the Khador War wagon, essentially a pill box on wheels pulled by the same giant horses that are ridden by Man O War into battle, whats not to like? Like the Behemoth before it, this figure looks set to be a one off character centre piece on a unique 120mm circular base, it is also the focal release of the upcoming "Wrath" expansion. To date three of the faction war engine designs have been been made public, needless to say Khador comes back to the forefront of amidst all the Blindwater releases.

New Year's Vow: Paint some Khador and finish Blindwater Collection 

On the Games Workshop side of things, I once again intend to build a 1500pt army of some sort. The ever present Nurgle sit at the back of the new office begging to be painted and used, however the purist in me almost demands that they be on foot, which while very themed will not lead to much gaming satisfaction among the more win at all costs opponents I face. On the bright side of things, Bell of Lost Souls has a article hinting at the starts of a new design selection process for the Battle Sisters. While this is pure speculation, from what has been shared, the new design philosophy of hyper detail (see Dark Eldar range) looks to remain consistent with talks of lace filigree and veil additional pieces...lets see if the budget stretches the imagination. End of the 22 + years into GW products and no finished army since 2002 is pretty bad...

Stick and finish a 1500pt Warhammer 40K army

My collection of independent miniatures is reaching critical point and I am loathe to get rid of any. The practicalist in me sees that mountains of unpainted metal and resin = bad, the artist in me sees untapped miniature montages. The focus of this year really should be Kingdom Death as they continue to release amazing horror Fantasy figures, logic be damned the KD Games mountain stays!

Paint at least 1 of the Kingdom Death Figure collection I own!

As for the website? well I don't think I need to make any vows. I feel that the amount of articles has been pretty good for the first 6 months and while I endeavour to include more content, I don't think it is lacking at this stage. Sometimes more is less. But at a push, the only thing I can improve on it to include more battle reports on this blog (funnily I have 1 in the edit pile!) so that readers get a chance to see my armies in action.

Now that the mandatory 2011 vows are over, on with the show! Whether you are in it to win it or just a appreciator of miniature art, I hope this year is a good one for you!

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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