Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Site news: Moves, delays and Minatures

Firstly, an apology for the lack of updates. While the house move has gone well, I find myself without the key item: Internet! Secondly I apologise that this post will probably look ugly as sin since it is being posted from my iPhone. Fingers crossed both issues will be sorted by the arrival of 50mb broadband on the 20th of this month.

Many UK players may have noticed a huge delay in getting key Privateer Press items. Key items such as the Hordes:Minions book and associated Blindwater figures were scheduled for release tomorrow, however said delays have seen almost all pushed back to the 22nd of Dec, even more surprising is that most major UK retailers seem to be unable to supply the Gatormen Posse boxset, a rather old item that should be readily in-stock. Only one supplier I spoke to of 5 seemed to have the said items available. In a similar vein the last two weeks have been hell if you are trying to buy a Privateer press Battlefoam bag. It seems these too are delayed, with no guaranteed ship date insight. One source stated "our suppliers don't know, it could simply be stuck in customs or a general supply issue...we will be lucky if they arrive before end of year" - Daunting is all I can say.

I find it strange that such key items for the pre Christmas gift rush are not readily available, the bags make for excellent gift items and the Blindwater miniatures being the final major release of Privateer's MKII year would be the bread and butter of most (non GW ) independent retailers during the holiday period.

The supply issue may be exclusive to the UK, but non the less it is surprising that such A faction release would be plagued by this major a delay. Simply bad luck or underestimated demand?

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