Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wip: Thrullg & Snapjaw

Progress with the Blindwater Congregation. The Thrullg has had it's base colour and wash shades applied, I am still deciding on the best way to highlight the skin and blend the spine. I played around with the tentacle positions to try and give a sense of motion, as the stock pose points straight down. I have noticed that despite thinning, Vallejo purple is quite a strong pigment and I expect the final product to 'pop' when compared to the drab brown bases and general sombre tones of the Gators.

I decided to put together Snapjaw today as I was tired of seeing the pieces on my work desk. It is a really nice figure, very different to the Wrastler, with a shorter Alligator snout and noticeably shorted arms. Snapjaw has a more powerful look and in some ways less comical due to the lack of out humanised clothing, something that Gator fans wanted consistent.

Building Snapjaw was actually a bit of a pain, the torso comes in three parts: upper body, front legs and tail (Tail and leg joins marked in red). The tail and legs are not solid leaving a hollow area when stuck together, what this translates to, is the whole upper body weight (not to mention head and arms) sitting on a clean split joint. To counter this, I filled the body with green-stuff recreating what would be the torso mass and thus giving something solid to glue the tail and leg portions too. If you look closely you can see green stuff poking through the belly join. A bit if additional sculpting detail work will be required to mask the gaps completely. Now that he is built I am finding myself eager to paint him, but I have promised myself not to work on him until I finish the Thrullg off.

With the new detailed bases I have been working on; and the surprisingly good finish on the Wrastler; I am feeling more confident about having my first Horde's army ready for the Christmas period! (Maybe some games?!)

Inspired? Get the figures from this article from: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

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