Friday, 12 November 2010

Wip: Swamp Pits Part I

I opted for a change of pace tonight after this weeks painting. After reading NQ33 I really wanted to do some swamp scenery for Bloody Barnarbas' spell "Swamp pit". Which means more opportunities to play with clear resin and pigment dust. I will eventually need three of these items and two more smaller versions for my games. The trick will be to make these items look as interesting as possible without hindering game play, so figures will need to be stably placed on them.

The base is made from thin plasti-card with mounds sculpted out of putty. To add a little details, tooth brush bristles have been cut off in clumps to simulate reeds, I also found some random shrubs I picked up from Skull Craft Scenic to produce more variety of foliage. Once dry, I then applied Vallejo Grey Pumice over to add texture (2 applications).

Tomorrow I hope to start painting and playing with clear resin.

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The 14th Legion

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