Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wip: Blackhide Wrastler

Arrived last Friday but due to real life issues, I was not able to even start looking at it until Sunday evening, I think for me (snail pace painter) I have done well. The Wrastler was a great figure to play about with. I opted to bend the left arm downwards and avoid the surfing Lucha Libre look, it's a minor  modification but one I feel goes a long way to improving the look of the figure.

Due to the scales and armour detail, this was a very heavily textured figure to paint and I wanted to avoid the dry brushed look as much as possible, as a result it probably took longer than needed to get to this stage. The ropes around the arms deserve special mention for annoyance as I individually picked out each knot to highlight, shade, re-highlight and re-shade. Again a lengthy process but one (I feel) has given good results. 

I am just waiting for the base to dry (24 hours) and am a little anxious as it is my first foray into creating swampy, muddy bases. I have tried to give the mud a wet look (using MIG pigments) but right now it is looking a little too glossy, I am hoping that some bits of 'swamp grass' will help break up the solid blocks of glossy mud and compliment the water effect...fingers tightly crossed.

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