Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Warmachine: Koldun Kapitan Valachev

Privateer Press have previewed the first of 2011's Wrath figures (not including Torch). Based on the description, Valachev does what a Greylord normally does; of casting magic and protecting units; however the line 'Strength of the motherland to mercenary units' put an interesting twist on things. The first thing that comes to my mind is the allowance of Khadoran Feats to apply to Mercenary units led by Valachev.  Imagine Kommandant Irusk combined with the upcoming Ogrun Assault Corps, performing FEAT: Undying Loyalty or Butcher of Khardov's FEAT: Blood Frenzy.

To apply Faction benefits to Mercenary units existing or forth coming is coming to bring interesting changes to Faction game play, is this perhaps the start of a trend to bring more power back to infantry units? As is the case of previews this is pure speculation until I get access to the card/Faction book. The sculpt itself is not my favourite, looking like a bearded Zerkova, regardless of this if the power potential is as high as the announcement dictates, then we can expect this character to appear frequently and supported by the meanest Mercenary units around.

Khador is not the only faction however to receive a UA with this ability, according to the release schedule both Cygnar and Menoth will gain UA's that will provide abilities to Mercenary units, Cryx has yet to be announced.

This figure will be available for pre-order on: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

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