Thursday, 4 November 2010

Privateer Press: Upcoming releases

Issue 33 of No Quarter will be a interesting one, with the two newest Horde's faction going at it in a battle report: Swamp Stomp will see a Minion themed battle report supported by a case file on Farrow Warlock Lord Carver. Fans of the Farrow and Blindwater Congregation should definitely get hold of this issue.

Available 10/11/10

This week Privateer Press has also revealed future releases for the Legion of Everblight and Trollbloods. Firstly we have Bethayne and Belphagor, an interesting set of characters who can 'meld' together to form some form of super creature.

Available 26/01/11

The Trollbloods receive further reinforcements in the form of a unit attachment. The Fenblade Officer and drummer will undoubtedly allow access to new orders and skills.

Available 24/11/10

These items are available for advance order now and with the variety of release schedule, there is something for everyone. The only question now is, what (when?) to expect Warmachine MKII's next expansion "Wrath"...

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