Friday, 5 November 2010

News: iBodger Blindwater Update and site Improvements

Lots of productivity this morning! I have been up since 6:45am working on my miniatures Galleries.  Previously I had major problems writing script for workable thumbnails but finally it is sorted! The galleries contain pictures of some of my old work and are a great way of seeing how I have evolved as a painter and model maker in recent years. You can access the Galleries on labelled tabs just below the site banner.

This morning my Croak Hunter and Vallejo washes arrived. The Croak Hunter  is smaller than I thought, but not in a bad way. Much like the Wrastler it is a far nicer model 'in the flesh' when compared to the stock photo. I think I may prioritise him for painting this weekend.

Also for Warmachine and Hordes fans, the latest iBodger update has finally given us the Blindwater Congregation list! As you can imagine I am very pleased at finally being able to dry run some Blindwater lists without having to wait for the Minion book release. This update covers the current releases only, so Bloody Barnabus is the only Warlock option, but as time and releases roll by expect further updates. 

To find out more about iBodger, just out their website: iBodger

A lot of good (coffee fueled) progress today which has set me up for a productive weekend. Now that I am able to share my work in a presentable way, I am fired up to paint and photograph - never a bad thing.

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The 14th Legion 

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