Tuesday, 23 November 2010

News: A different week and some arrivals

This week is going to be filled with randomness as I begin packing stuff away for my house move, so chances are I will not be able to sit at the paint table for at least two weeks...just in time for the Hordes: Minions book release. However the hobby clock does not stop ticking!

I picked up my Bog Trog Ambushers unit from the post office today, and am impressed with the little fish men. While fragile, the stats and special rules open up a host of very nasty plays; which I intend to go over later in the week; through a series of Blindwater Tactica. I have not forgotten my Khador though! There are plenty of Khador figures waiting to be painted and a number of tactica lost in the editing pile, something again I intend to get rolling once the move is complete.

I still have lots of goody bags which will be arriving namely my Battlefoam: Hordes bag, a full unit of Gatormen Posse and of course Kingdom Death's beautiful 'Wet Nurse'. So please be patient with me, this week will have far fewer posts while I move, but I intend for the few posts that make it, to be of wargaming relevance.

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The 14th Legion

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