Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Blood Angels Figures on route?

Games Workshop's latest new letter states a second wave of Blood Angel's figures coming in February 2011. While this is expected, the question is what could possibly be on the cards? They explicitly state new never seen before figures will be part of the release. The recently leaked Stormraven pictures is the most obvious choice, combined with it's dual use with the upcoming Grey Knights codex makes this item inevitable. But what else could constitute as "New and never before seen". 

Well a new Mephiston, Dante, (possibly Tycho?) and Corbulo (Reclusiarch as well?) are almost certain. As nice as the original sculpts are they are subject to scale issues and would benefit the most from a updated super detailed sculpt. This year pictures were also released of what seemed to be a Techmarine...while there are currently two very nice Techmarine models available already, it would seem to be the logical choice for a plastic box with upgrades (Conversion Beamer?) combined with Servitor body guard.

I have already mentioned the Stormraven and it's dual codex benefits, but what else? Perhaps a additional sprue with the much needed Las-Plas turret? Would seem to be a large expense for what some consider to be a niche option, but never the less worth considering. The same applies to the Dreadnought box set, Librarian and Blood Angel Dreadnought variants may see their own box. The Space Marine bike and Attack bike may also be on the cards being the oldest Space Marine releases left over.

With so many Space Marine boxes with a plethora of bits, I doubt we will see anything new on the troop's front, vehicles and characters would be my guess. Apparently more details will be available tomorrow...

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