Monday, 15 November 2010

Kingdom Death: The Wet Nurse NSFW

Finally some miniature loveliness from Kingdom Death games! The 'Wet Nurse' is the second large monster miniature to be released by this company (the first being the Gorm) and this creature looks just as monstrous. looking like some creepy Anime tentacle demon, the Wet Nurse has naked pregnant females attached by umbilical cords, the perfect demon birthing nightmare. The model while amazingly designed and sculpted is definitely for mature modellers and NOT SAFE FOR WORK, you have been warned...

NSFW Pictures

This is a limited run currently listed at 75 remaining and as per standard comes with lots of lovely accessories: Art card, extra 'Fear stricken nude woman' and a hand numbered limited edition ribbon. KD Games may of kept us waiting for a few months for their next figure, but the wait was definitely worth it! Pre-orders are up now with a release date of the 22nd of November.

KD Games continue to be my guilty pleasure, I am a big fan of both horror, Anime and exquisitely sculpted figures (not just wargaming ones!), I own every KD figure but alas they are all boxed, unbuilt and unpainted..I am hoping one day I will view my own painting skills as competent enough for these figures. Until then, Wet Nurse is ordered and I eagerly (greedily?) await their next offering. 

Check out the Wet Nurse at: Kingdom Death Games 

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  1. I didn't see the face for a second, and thought it was something else hanging out ...

  2. A truly (in a good way) messed up figure, some of these demon figures will make for awesome 40K Daemon Princes