Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blackhide Wrastler Complete

Good morning! I actually finished the Blackhide Wrastler Thursday just past, but with the blog galleries and reviews to do I did not get a chance to write about it. I am very happy with the way it has turned out, the skin and scales is just as I envisioned and the base is a vast improvement on my usual 'sand and go' method. A proper 'glamour' shot will be done hopefully by the end of the month, with multi-angle shots and colour recipe break down.

With the first of my Blindwater Congregation figures complete, I am left spoilt for choice this weekend. At the same time as I was working on the Wrastler, I was also working on custom bases for Snapjaw, the Thrullg and Croak Minion hunter. I am thinking perhaps working on the Thrullg or Croak figures next to rest myself from Crocodile skin and play with other colour schemes and with the release of the Bull Snapper in December, I will have plenty of opportunities to improve my skin and scales technique down the line.

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