Thursday, 18 November 2010

BattleFoam: P3 Expansion pack

Battlefoam; creators of the official Privateer Press bags have released a infomercial showcasing their latest Privateer Press licensed product, the "P3". This is great news especially owners of the current (and awesome) Warmachine and Hordes storage bags. The P3 pack is cited as a hobby extension, a very cool idea for people who like to bring art supplies on holiday (like me!). Boasting high storage capacity and inbuilt brush holders, Battlefoam are continuing to secure themselves as the best in figure storage,  naturally the foam itself  will be fully customisable meaning you can carry the right items at the right time. 

What this pack also does is make use of the the zip lock located at the bottom of both the Warmachine and Hordes bags, since the release of the original Warmachine & Hordes packs owners have wondered at what Battlefoam would produce to make use of this. Finally, the range continues it's "official stance' by making sure the new P3 bag has the same embroidered finish to match the parent packs, I am curious though to see if Battlefoam make a green version to match the Horde pack.  With Christmas approaching, I would think the sales strategy would be for a holiday release, the next few weeks will tell.

To see the full Battlefoam pack and foam ranges visit their home site: Battlefoam V2

For UK buyers interested in getting a official Warmachine/Hordes bag and Battlefoam's trademarked foam, visit: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames They are an official Battlefoam seller and the place where I got my own Warmachine bag. After much comparison, the postage and cost break down were much cheaper than my other on-line retailers, and had the ability to track delivery to a one hour window. Very secure, very fast and highly recommended by me.

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