Monday, 25 October 2010

Wip: Nurgle Plague Hulk

Finally I have gotten down to some serious painting for myself after weeks of real life distractions, commissions and of course general procrastination. At the start of this year I made a start on some major conversions for a Pre-Heresy Death Guard army, and while I enjoyed every minute working on the figures, I did not enjoying the prospect of painting yet another power armour army. At the time I had made a few major purchases, all Nurgle, and I felt it would be a shame not to be able to use them at all. Luckily over summer (in between all the Warmachine gaming) I was able to finish one of my trio of Blight Drones, but unfortunately most people I play with do not allow the use of Forge World rules (so into the cabinet they go). With those out of the way I am left with: Plague Ogryns (three), Great Unclean One, Mamon Daemon Prince and of course the Plague Hulk. The Mono-Nurgle List I am running, uses all but one of these figures, so Mamon goes back into the box while the very impressive Great Unclean One, Plague Hulk and Plague Ogryn sit on my desk awaiting cleaning/paint.

I will need to get hold of two more Soul Grinders and convert them into suitable Nurgle Hulks for my final list but at the moment I am content with the amount of work I have now. I am also debating sculpting my own unit of Plaguebearers as I am not fond of the current GW sculpts, and unfortunately the heresy "Blights" have just become unaffordable (£8.00 for 3) for an item I can't use at GW events. In addition I  will probably have to sculpt my own Great Unclean One, primarily due to cost issues (not as much expendable collateral these days!), but also as much as I love the Forge World sculpt, I would hate to have 'twin' brothers on the table.

So plenty to get on with! The photo above is the result of one evening's worth of work and with a 'Some energon and a lot of luck' I may have the skin tones done by the end of day. All weathering will be applied once the block colours are complete. Now that think of it, I never did photograph that finished Blight Drone...

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The 14th Legion


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  2. I love that model. I have one I am working on for my Chaos Daemon army and soon to be CSM army. I look forward to seeing yours finished.

  3. Thanks for looking, although a old (ish) figure I am still amazed at the detail captured by FW with their Nurgle sculpts. I am hoping that the remaining Gods get represented soon as I am keen to see what craziness FW produce.