Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kingdom Death: Forsaker Un-boxing

Back in August I previewed Kingdom Death's latest offering for their Fantasy range. It was not long after that I got my figures (great service as always KD Gang), but with all the Warmachine games going on, I forgot to open up the boxes and have a look! As always the packaging is a classy affair keeping in-line with the boutique figure seller tag the company has associated with itself since the beginning... 

The initial Forsaker release comes as a two model range. Continuing in the 'pin-up' theme we have the Forsaker 'pin-up', essentially a female version of KD's dark Paladin following the same formula of less armour equals more protection. 

The Forsaker pin-up is a great follow up to the very successful Twilight Knight 'pin-up' with detail and quality on par as I have come to expect from KD Games, there are no doubts in my mind that this figure will provide an excellent challenger for miniature painters. The Forsaker pin-up is not a limited figure and comes with a 30mm display base and postcard sized art card, which means general availability always.

The Forsaker Knight is a stunning piece, a dark and brooding sculpt which reminds me a lot of the Berserk Knight from a Manga of the same name (not a bad thing as I am also a fan of that!). The Forsaker comes with a nasty looking cleaver/sword with such intricate levels of detail and the armour is imposing but at the same time very detailed for a figure of this size.  This figure comes with a choice of two different heads, a 30mm display base (Warmachine style) or the KD rein square display base.

The Forsaker Knight is a Limited 1st run, which usually means once out of stock the figure will only be available in limited quantities (usually conventions) once the initial run is finished.

Once again KD Games have produced two stunning figures that are exceptional in quality and style that stand out above the rest. It has been two months since any news of a another release and I can only hope that this is a break after the convention season or perhaps plans for a large release. I have passed up quite a few miniature ranges to make sure I have the full Kingdom Death range and Forsaker miniature release is more than enough to keep my wallet locked for their next release.

To check out the amazing full range of Kingdom Death Miniatures, visit their site here:

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