Thursday, 9 September 2010

Quick Tips #1: White Undercoat & lining

Welcome to Quick Tips #1 the first in a series of modelling/painting posts dedicated to helping modellers & painters achieve satisfying results, quickly. 

White Undercoat & Lining
This year I have been using more white Primer than black to achieve brighter contrasts to my work. One of the initial problems I had was making sure that I was filling all base colours and also locating shadows. Lining helps by adding shadows in natural recesses and picks out sculpt detail; something that can be lost if the model mould is old or been covered too heavily in primer.

By using GW (Games Workshop) washes I liberally cover the model with a large fluffy brush, as an alternative to GW Washes; use heavily watered down black or dark brown paint, it must be translucent try not to allow the wash to pool in areas as thus will created problems. What you are looking for is general coverage only. As the picture above shows, I can now see all the natural shade points and detail of the figure. Which in the end makes painting a lot easier!

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