Thursday, 2 September 2010

Heresy Miniatures: Netherlord MK2 Unboxing

I have been a fan of Heresy Miniatures and Andy for some time now, having picked up most of the monsters range. Up until now my favourite model had been the tunnel dweller, that is until the NL2 turned up...

This monster is a revamped version of the very popular Netherlord released some five or so years ago, and is a very different design compared to the original. To sum up, the first Netherlord looked like a traditional Lucifer demon with a humanised face and hooves, a great figure to use for say Daemon Prince Angron. While very impressive at the time, when compared to demon designs today it is not as ground breaking in design as it once was.

Netherlord MK2 follows the new more dynamic sculpts of later (post 2005) Heresy sculpts with lots of movement and of course lots metal pieces. I am very happy to have these 1 kilo paper weight in my collection albeit the reasons being less than favourable; I am no longer in a position to get the awesome Dragon sculpt.

As always, Andy and Craig being the top guys they are were very understanding and efficient, getting this model to me this morning having only discussing the order email...perhaps their demonic influence spreads to the mail man as having it arrive this morning was really a (nice) surprise! Visit Heresy Miniatures HERE

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