Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wip: Heresy Miniatures, Netherlord MK2 build progress

End of day progress on Heresy Miniature's Netherlord MK 2. This kit is truly monstrous, lots of spikes, horn and muscle; which all need cleaning and are very large bits of metal which form the upper torso. Due to the size of the components, a lot of dry fitting and cutting is required before the pieces sit comfortably, which naturally will need putty work for finishing. In most cases a short but thick pin would be necessary to keep this build stable.

I have opted to fully build the body first as it is the most imposing part of the build, comprising of several bulky parts. To add stability and strength I opted to fill the inside with Kneadatite putty (greenstuff), this also gives me a solid form to drill into when the inevitable pinning of extras occurs. With this now drying to one side I will begin working on pinning points for the remaining apendages.

The back has holes for the horn accessories but looking at the fitting it will much easier for me to cut the points off and use brass rod, which in turn will be much stronger due to the lumps of Kneadatite sitting inside the torso. Once this stage is done I intend to do a full clean; removing flash and excessive mould lines, after this I can go ahead and use procreate to rebuild any musculature. This kit, while requiring lots of time to clean has so far been a lot of fun working on and a nice distraction from the rank and file Dark Angels building up in front of me.

Now what to use the Netherlord MK2 other than a nice looking paper weight...

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The 14th Legion

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