Friday, 3 September 2010

Auctions: Hoarluk Doomshaper and Scattergunners Boxset

Today's auctions are more Trollbloods, great for starting a  new force or bulking up existing forces in preparation for the MK2 Trollblood army book release.

First up is Hoarluk Doomshaper, a Warbeast orientated Warlock.

Secondly we have the Trollblood Scattergunners unit Boxset, a great way to add numbers to any Trollblood force and one of the few range units available to the army.

Both items are brand new in original blister/boxes and come with MK1 stat cards and have a low starting price.

More auctions will be added on a daily basis including GW bits, so keep your eyes on the blog. To make life easier, join the Legion by becoming a follower (see left column) and get yourself wargame miniature bargains!

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