Sunday, 26 September 2010

GW: Dark Eldar Teaser

For those of us unable to make the UK Gamesday this year, GW have decided to 'treat' us with some pictures of the new Dark Eldar range coming out this Autumn. I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of the figures and many people's first impression is "It was worth the wait', however nice figures are one thing but a decent rule set is another. 

Enjoy the photos:

The pics show the improved quality of GW design and production with the Wyches actually looking feminine and lithe compared to the first edition releases. The above figures will be available for Advance Order on the 5th of October, I would assume online retailers will also allow pre-orders on this date.

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The 14th Legion

Friday, 24 September 2010

Forge World: GD last minute surprises

So with 1 more day to go, Forge World drop another pre-release bomb. For all those Ork and Necron players, two large items will be released in limited quantities.

First up: Necron Tomb Tomb Stalker, which had been mentioned but then dismissed as a fan kit bash. Basically a giant metal Centipede, could this be a design direction reflective of the future Necron Codex, can expect more mechanical bugs in future?

For Ork fans, the Grot mega Tank showcased at GD Baltimore will also be available, a nice looking tank which reminds me a lot of the old Epic Ork vehicles.

So lots of wallet abuse from Forge World, and who knows what GW has in it's sleeves for their own pre-releases (if any).

To all those going to Games Day UK this year, have fun!

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The 14th Legion

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dark Angels: Making the most of what we've got

It is no secret that the Dark Angel's codex suffers from major gear/unit redundancy since Codex Space Marines hit the shelves. It is hard to see any benefit of using the book outside of: Death Wing and Ravenwing, two lists that require more attention to play but are non the less phasing out with every  new 5th Ed Space Marine army release. Despite better judgement, I have opted to stick with my Dark Angels Codex, for better or for worse and to top it all off it's "Greenwing" (normal Space Marines). 

"Where are my upgraded Stormshields?!"

Now what I have is not competitive in any form and to say so would have me tarred and feathered, but despite this I am adamant to stick with what made me choose Dark Angels in the first place: The dark unrelenting Space Marine who walks through hell's fire to deliver death by sword and bolt gun and never run. Two elements are featured in this list: mech, as dictated by the current 5th Ed gaming meta and Ezekiel; the over costed and considered most useless Special character in 40K...

Friday, 17 September 2010

Forge World: Space Marine Character set

So it seems that Forge World will have the Character upgrade set available (previewed at GD Baltimore) at next weeks Gamesday UK event, yet another reason for retro fans and resin junkies to rejoice.

Quite an interesting array of weapon options which I sure my growing Dark Angels army will appreciate, in particular I love the Powerfist, Bolt pistols and of course the bionic leg. The kit is priced at £10.00 and is listed for pre-order on the Forge World home site (Shipping date Oct 4).

happy shopping and thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hordes: Dr Arkadius

Privateer Press have released photos of Dr Arkadius, the crazed surgeon for the Farrow armies. I admit to really liking the figure, it has the right amount of Steam punk crossed with Back to the Future esque mad Doc looks "Great Scott!".

Dr Arkadius will be a single miniature blister pack. To get hold hold of him why not place a advance order with:    Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

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The 14th legion

Friday, 10 September 2010

Quick Tips #2: Highlighting Black

Black can be a difficult colour to work with especially if it forms the majority of your army's uniform. You can take the grey, the blue or the off white route to highlighting. Grey is the colour of choice for most people as a highlight to black, usually going with GW's Codex Grey to Fortress Grey; this is known as extreme highlighting.

Extreme highlighting can be very tricky to get use too without making your figure look a mess, however if done successfully can make your black armoured Space Marines look awesome. Below is one of my examples of extreme highlighting.

Although it looks nice, some of the highlights are messy and a little dominating. The trick is too now 'blend' the highlights into the base colour of black. This will create a much smoother transition of highlights. To do this simply use a GW's Badab Black wash and evenly cover the entire figure.

The glazed Space Marine still maintains the strong highlights but now looks less messy, as the highlight transition is not as stark. Don't worry about the glossy look, this will go after varnishing. 

The final result smooth looking highlights to black armour, done quickly.

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The 14th Legion

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Quick Tips #1: White Undercoat & lining

Welcome to Quick Tips #1 the first in a series of modelling/painting posts dedicated to helping modellers & painters achieve satisfying results, quickly. 

White Undercoat & Lining
This year I have been using more white Primer than black to achieve brighter contrasts to my work. One of the initial problems I had was making sure that I was filling all base colours and also locating shadows. Lining helps by adding shadows in natural recesses and picks out sculpt detail; something that can be lost if the model mould is old or been covered too heavily in primer.

By using GW (Games Workshop) washes I liberally cover the model with a large fluffy brush, as an alternative to GW Washes; use heavily watered down black or dark brown paint, it must be translucent try not to allow the wash to pool in areas as thus will created problems. What you are looking for is general coverage only. As the picture above shows, I can now see all the natural shade points and detail of the figure. Which in the end makes painting a lot easier!

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion 

Tacica: Khador Torch

The latest Warjack to join the ranks of Khador's armies is the mighty Torch, a special issue Warjack for Strakhov with a array of abilities and immunities across the board.

As with all Khador 'Jacks, Torch is built to last, dish out damage but is slow. It is at the higher points end and competes with old favourites like the multi-purpose Spriggan and single minded Beast-09. What Torch brings to this triumvirate however is even more last-ability, all of the immunities and cloud generating effects make this the covert ops Warjack of the Khador arsenal. Oh and did I forget to mention he has a higher MAT and RAT value than the regular 'Jack?

Special Issue (Strakhov): This is Strakhov's best buddy, he can included in his force despite Tier constrictions. There is some debate still as to whether you can 'Bond' Torch to Strakhov in any game due to the way of description. As of this point I have not concluded if it can or not, simply because I do not use Torch with Strakhov.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Auctions: Chief Madrak Ironhide & Chaos Dreadnought Multimelta

More new auctions today for two different gaming systems! First up is a Chief Madrak Ironhide from the Trollbloods Starter set. This item is brand new and has never been assembled or painted. It would be a great way to customise your own Trollblood starter force without the need to buy the standard boxset.

Next is a Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnought Multi Melta, brand new and still in original packaging. This item would add some additional anti-tank options to your Chaos armies.

Auctions are being added all the time including Professionally painted figures. To keep up to date with all items why not become join the Legion and become a Follower?

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Warhammer Fantasy: New High Elves

Games Workshop have released pictures of their new Fantasy Advance orders: High Elves. The figures are set for a October release and like the plastics before them, the sculpts are in my mind fantastic. For the High Elves this means a stream of elite units now become affordable and loaded with extras...and this after all is the point, these boxes provide quite a few bits for the bits box which is never a bad thing.

Dragon Princes of Caledor

Auction: Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

New item up for auction today, Warhammer 40K Space ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. Item is brand new in box and still has the clear plastic wrapping on it. 

To keep up to date with all auctions, join the Legion by becoming a follower.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

Auctions: Hoarluk Doomshaper and Scattergunners Boxset

Today's auctions are more Trollbloods, great for starting a  new force or bulking up existing forces in preparation for the MK2 Trollblood army book release.

First up is Hoarluk Doomshaper, a Warbeast orientated Warlock.

Secondly we have the Trollblood Scattergunners unit Boxset, a great way to add numbers to any Trollblood force and one of the few range units available to the army.

Both items are brand new in original blister/boxes and come with MK1 stat cards and have a low starting price.

More auctions will be added on a daily basis including GW bits, so keep your eyes on the blog. To make life easier, join the Legion by becoming a follower (see left column) and get yourself wargame miniature bargains!

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wip: Heresy Miniatures, Netherlord MK2 build progress

End of day progress on Heresy Miniature's Netherlord MK 2. This kit is truly monstrous, lots of spikes, horn and muscle; which all need cleaning and are very large bits of metal which form the upper torso. Due to the size of the components, a lot of dry fitting and cutting is required before the pieces sit comfortably, which naturally will need putty work for finishing. In most cases a short but thick pin would be necessary to keep this build stable.

Heresy Miniatures: Netherlord MK2 Unboxing

I have been a fan of Heresy Miniatures and Andy for some time now, having picked up most of the monsters range. Up until now my favourite model had been the tunnel dweller, that is until the NL2 turned up...

Heresy Era Dark Angels Project 2010

It is with great joy that I share my latest wargaming project: Rogue Trader Dark Angels

When this blog first started, there were numerous articles featuring the start of my Pre-Heresy Deathguard army; which I had a lot of fun sculpting and converting...However this Pre-Heresy madness had actually started a year earlier and with what I called at the time the "Terran 1st Legion" or more commonly; the Dark Angel's Legion, at the time I was using the same 'Doghouse' build technique for my space marines which again meant a lot of time investment.

Auctions: More Trollbloods!

Up for auction today are more Trollbloods from the MKI boxset, these items are used, built and partially painted. These items are complete and come with appropriate plastic bases and MKI cards.

Horde Trollblood Impaler
Auction will run for 10 days and has a low bid price, to grab yourself a bargain: Click

Hordes Trollblood Axer
Auction will run for 10 days and has a low bid price, to grab yourself a bargain: Click

More auctions will be added on a daily basis including GW bits, so keep your eyes on the blog. To make life easier, join the Legion by becoming a follower (see left column) and get yourself potential wargame miniature bargains!

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Auction: Hordes Trollblood Impaler

Up for auction today is a Horde's Trollblood Impaler Warbeast. Item is unpainted, unbuilt and comes with a MKI stat card.

More auctions will be added on a daily basis so why not join the legion today by becoming a follower (left column) and grab yourself some wargaming bargains!

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