Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Whats on the Table

I got notification from Alex at Privateer Press about my order and it turns out "Torch" was sent out last week and should be arriving soon which is great news! For those of you who do not know what "Torch" is, basically it is the new Khador character 'jack that was released during GenCon two weekends ago. Privateer Press opted to make these kits available via their webstore (a great move!) so that everyone could get access to the new stuff. I expect it to be part of the first Wave of Wrath (upcoming Warmachine expansion) figures so the actual release dates would be January 2011. 

I can't wait to get my hands on this accessory kit and using him in my lists. My next scheduled game is in two weeks time (50pts) and I am keen to see what destruction I can sow with this beast. It still begs the question though; when will the Butcher get his true character 'jack?

The painting table has been over flowing with figures being stripped and re-primed. The anticipation of gaming again has hit hard and I have found myself swamped in potential army lists that see me constantly swapping figures from the "use" and "Do not use" piles. As I write I do have a potential fixed list that covers my preferred aspects of game play (will share that in another post). As it stands I at least have the raw elements of the list in various stages of completion, the near mandatory Kodiaks (my favourite 'jack) are there with just a little work to be done on kodiak 2. You can see some of the remaining components in the photo below.

It's great re-painting everything in NMM (non metallic metals), a little harder but definitely fun. I am hoping that by the time Wrath hits I will be in the situation of having to paint only a few figures rather than a whole battle force. Playing games has been a really joy again as it has become a case of getting nice looking figures on the table instead of the most overpowering list I could conjure up...another reason why I still play Warmachine today over other games, it's how you play the list and not how the list plays you.

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