Monday, 16 August 2010

The week ahead

This weekend saw the deadline for my Tale of Warmahordes army list hand in. The final details are being written for the updated pack, with the first article scheduled for this week. In reflection, I did a full logistics of what I need for the next 5 or so months and top of my list is the gaming table set up. Luckily I have plenty of terrain donated by best friend CountZero (also playing in the campaign), the only real issue now is getting the Citadel battle board painted to a level I am happy with. Rest assured I will be sharing my views on this project before the deadline of last week September.

So how about my list? I went through a number of different lists trying to keep my perceived theme as stable as possible, I am happy to say that I stuck with what I like the look of and perhaps there is little to no deviation to my standard formula. As I have stated in the past; Warmachine is one of those games where there is no defined meta, you can take a combination of any of the units released and regardless of it's statistical value, a competent commander can make very good use if as part of the overall strategy. This is the reason why after seven years I still love the game.

How about new toys? Regular readers will know that I placed my pre-order for Kingdom Death's new releases; The Forsaker limited edition and pin up version. This figures were released as part of the GenCon exclusives so I expect them to be shipped for the end of August. I also have some Khador goodies in the form of the new character Warjack "Torch" (another GenCon exclusive), in a perfect world this figure will arrive this week with a un-boxing and review following swiftly.

I look forward to sharing episode 1 of my "Tale of Warmahordes" and introducing the additional players, the next few months will see army growth, games and plenty of pretty painted miniatures. 

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