Monday, 2 August 2010

The Week Ahead

Good morning all!

Last week was a pretty busy week as I organised details for a "Tale of Warmahordes", a campaign I have been working on to help draft new players, and re-motivate existing gamers into playing Warmachine/Hordes.

Players has been in communication and it is looking like we have all a interesting spread of factions; Cryx, Menoth and of course Khador (me naturally!), another player is looking at the Hordes range before confirming what he would like to do. Hopefully this means that I can post lists and photos of the provisional armies on time for the 15th of August. So have I decided on what I am taking? As to be expected I will be using the Butcher of Khardov (as always), but as for the rest of the army? Readers will have to wait for the 15th, so Join the Legion to find out first.

GenCon is round the corner, and with it you can expect lots of new shiny toys. Unfortunately I will not be there this year, but rest assured as soon as any new toys are shown I will be showing it on the 14th Legion. This weeks Tactica will be Fenris the Doomreaver, another one of the Butcher's henchmen and a very nasty character indeed. I will be sharing my thoughts on this powerful character and sharing some of the synergies I use to get the most out of this infantry killing machine.

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